MYEP is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing advocacy and person-centered services which facilitate personal growth and community inclusion to people with disabilities.


MYEP will be recognized as a leading provider of services to people with disabilities in Johnson County and surrounding areas.

People and families will seek our services because of our reputation for fostering personal relationships.
State, county and local professionals will seek our services because of our success in providing a broad array of personalized services.

MYEP will be recognized as a leading employer in Johnson County and surrounding areas.

People will seek employment with MYEP because of our supportive and positive culture.
Employees will receive competitive compensation and benefits.
We will attract, hire, and retain the best people.

MYEP will be commit to ensuring service quality is never sacrificed for organizational growth.

MYEP History: 

In 1968 MYEP (Mayor’s Youth Empowerment Program) began as a federal initiative encouraging cities to provide summer employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth and young adults primarily between the ages of 14-24. From 1968 to 1996, MYEP was considered a quasi-department of the City of Iowa City. In 1996, MYEP filed for and became a 501(c)(3) private non-profit corporation.
MYEP was built around the concept of summer conservation projects, which emphasized working in small groups to complete projects, to benefit the entire community. Such projects were completed in collaboration with:

  • The Army Corps of Engineers Project Green
  • The City of Iowa City
  • The City of Coralville
  • The University of Iowa

For many years, MYEP provided services funded by various local, state, and federal grants. As funding from grants dwindled, MYEP expanded into services for people with disabilities and began working with agencies such as:

  • The Department of Human Services (DHS)
  • Mental Health and Disability Services (MH/DS)
  • The Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD)

Guiding Principles and Core Values

Service Before Self –

At MYEP, we deliver services that follow the principle of ‘Service Before Self’.  To us this means that before taking any action or making any decision, we carefully consider the benefits to or impact on our service recipients.  We have respect for and believe in all human rights and strive to be creative, flexible, and cooperative in the services provided.

To fulfill our mission, vision and the principle of ‘Service Before Self’, we adhere to the following values:

  • Continual Improvement –
    • Practice good stewardship in order to build a better and stronger agency
    • Be aware of and responsibly manage risk
    • Exceed the expectations of service recipients, families and funders
    • Encourage flexibility and creativity in service delivery, and acknowledge that mistakes are learning opportunities
    • Address systemic issues with creativity and perseverance
    • Raise the bar for personal growth through collaboration and learning
    • Embrace and drive change through continual assessment and evaluation of our services and trends in the service environment

  • Ownership –
    • Recognize that the actions of each and every one of us contribute to our agency’s reputation and success
    • Be honest, transparent, and ethical
    • Own our actions and be accountable for their outcomes
    • Meet commitments to stakeholders
    • Be good stewards of our resources

  • Engagement –
    • Listen and communicate with service recipients, stakeholders and each other
    • Empower service recipients to make decisions in their daily lives, and to be accountable to those decisions
    • Cultivate better outcomes for service recipients by actively engaging them and ourselves
    • Collaborate with others to promote community inclusion
    • Make a connection with those around us

407 Highland Ct. Iowa City, IA 52240     Phone: (319) 341-0060     Fax: (888) 883-1235     Email: info@myep.us